1960 Frame

In The Beginning - Though the picture doesn't do it justice, having been scanned from a 35+ year old wrinkled and faded Polaroid, this 650 Norton was our first Cafe'. Built in the late 60's, it had all the period cycle modifications and a fully tuned engine.

The fiberglass gas and oil tanks were by REG Mouldings (who supplied Dunstall), the Manx seat from Wassell, and the top yoke, rear-sets, etc. by John Tickle. The rear wheel was Manx, as was the front 2LS backing plate fitted into a standard street hub. The fairing was from Italy via a coworker who did much of the engine work and currently owns King Motorcycles in Brooklyn, NY.

The engine mods included 11:1 pistons, a performance cam, Dellorto carbs, porting, rebalancing and more. The mufflers pictured are dual Dunstall's, one of several combinations tried to get optimum performance. (It liked racing megs best and I never did find a "quiet" system that worked anywhere near as well.) Weighing in at around 360 lbs, it moved! The down side was that while I was used to it, few others could ride it in traffic without either stalling or overheating the clutch.

Stupidly trade off after an engine rebuild in the 70's (required due to a piston failure and holed crankcase), it has lived the last few years as a pile of parts in western Pennsylvania - with the fairing, rear wheel, carbs and other bits having gone missing over the years. Since it's owner has reneged several times on selling it back to us, after a price was agreed on and when we were under the impression we had a deal, we've accumulated a couple spare 650 engines and nearly enough other pieces to but together a pretty fair replica.,,,,,


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